Inspiring Story of a diplomat, working with United Nations

Inspiring Story of a diplomat, working with United Nations

The great accomplishments of man have resulted from the transmission of ideas and enthusiasm.

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This immensely talented, multifaceted , versatile and soft spoken alumni of 1989 batch (Electronic & Communications) started his professional career from government controlled All India Radio and Doordarshan. He had been advisor for the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), He worked as General Manager in Celcom, which is the oldest mobile telecommunication provider in Malaysia. He has worked in Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ( TRAI ) as deputy advisor. Currently as a diplomat and international civil servant he has been working with the United Nations (UNO) . He is the global lead on International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ) Flagship Initiative “Connet2Recover” for Digital Infrastructure Reinforcement for COVID-19 Recovery and Preparedness focusing on countries from all over the world with focus on least developed and landlocked countries through partnerships. This edition of MBM Stories is about Er. Sameer Sharma, who is creating waves in global telecom arena with his acumen and amazing professional skills.

Er. Sameer Sharma

Early life and Schooling :

Er. Sameer Sharma, born on 18 November 1968, had his upbringing in the pink city of Rajasthan-Jaipur. Raised in a humble background with both his parents as teachers, he had a balanced childhood. ” My parents were true inspiration for me, though primary focus was on the academic excellence but they encouraged me to participate in extra curricular activities like sports, music and kite flying which was popular past time activity in Jaipur.” remembers Er. Sharma


Er. Sameer Sharma completed his BE in Electronics and Communication branch from MBM Engineering college in 1989 with honours. He also did Masters from Jaipur National University in Telecommunication Management. In the years 2016 and 2017, he took a diploma degree in Telecommunication Management and HR management from MIT School of Business.

Currently he is part of Champions for Change in the UN System bringing change as key element for organizational as well as personal transformation with agility. He had been acting Head of United Nations ( ITU) Regional Office for Asia-Pacific, first Indian national  to have this distinction.


Er. Sharma is a diplomat and international civil servant working with the United Nations (UNO). He is the global lead on ITU Flagship Initiative “Connet2Recover” for Digital Infrastructure Reinforcement for COVID-19 Recovery and Preparedness focusing on countries from all over the world with focus on least developed and landlocked countries through partnerships.

Er. Sharma was acting Head of ITU Regional Office for Asia-Pacific where he was responsible for use of ICTs for Sustainable development of 38 countries and over 70 private sector agencies in the region designing national digital strategies and roadmaps for countries to fast track digital development.Currently, he is part of Champions for Change in the UN System bringing change as a key element for organizational as well as personal transformation with agility.He is the first Indian citizen positioned as Head of United Nations (ITU) Regional Office for Asia-Pacific.

Er. Sharma had also been responsible for countries in South-Asia region to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals through Digital Transformation using Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). Er. Sharma was also the regional lead on Cybersecurity  as well as  regional lead on E-Waste and environment to assist Member States to take advantage of the opportunities of ICTs to address the challenges linked to climate change in the region.

Er. Sharma has travelled over 50 countries and had opportunity to work with several heads of states ( Prime Ministers / Presidents). He also had opportunity to address cabinet ministers along with Prime Minister / President in parliaments of several countries while representing United Nations.

Er. Sharma with the Prime Minister of Thailand General Prayut Chan-O- Cha and the cabinet Ministers who inaugurated the Digital Thailand Big Bang 2019 : ASEAN Connectivity
Er. Sharma With PM of Bhutan Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay
Er. Sharma With PM of New Zealand Ms Helen Clark
Er. Sharma With Sri Lanka PM Mr. Mahindra Rajapaksa
With United Nations Secretary General Mr. Antonio Guterres
Er. Sharma Inaugurating ” Digital Skills & Capacity Building Training” at New Delhi
International Training in Emerging Broadcasting

MBM Memories:

” Best memories of MBM were to visit Rawat Sweets, late in night to have Mirchi Bada/Mawa Kachori for our bets amongst friends. It used to be a great fun participating in extra curricular activities. I was a stage performer and used to play Key board and mouth organ. I was popular amongst friends for my guitar performance rather than academic excellence. Mass bunks were regular feature in first and second year and we enjoyed those extra holidays by visiting our home towns ” remembers Er. Sameer Sharma.

Message to youngsters : Believe in yourself

Er. Sharma is the person who strives for the highest standards of excellence in every sphere of life. He wants youngsters to have belief in their inner potential .He asks the young minds to follow the DAD’s principle- Determination, Assertiveness and Dedication in achieving the goals with positive attitude towards life. “Instead of what you can get out of any situation , change it to what value you can offer to make a lasting impact to society, nation and the whole world. Be self- motivated and driven to make the world a better place so that entire country can be proud of.” exhorts Er. Sharma.

Giving back to alma mater :

Er. Sharma has been keen in giving guidance to young minds of as how to achieve stupendous success in every aspects of life. He would like to mentor and groom students, who want to be part of International Civil Service as diplomat.

This is such an Inspirational and motivational journey of Er. Sameer Sharma. We wish him great success and happiness in life.

About Autor:

Khushi Purohit, a student of MBM engineering college currently pursuing a BE degree in Computer Science. She is from jodhpur, and has a keen interest in reading and writing. She strives hard towards her goal of acquiring a post in civil services. She is always curious to know more and more about such great alumni.

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  1. The manner in which the life of the alumnus is described is worth appreciating ,instances from his life can be used as tools to shape and brighten the future of the students. DAD’s principle is a special point or attraction. Hats off to the authors and the entire team of mbm stories ,you guys are doing a great job .

    • Very well!
      Proud to ne MBMites.
      Hope u achieve ur goals as soon as possible.
      Proud on u
      Thanks for

  2. It’s my pleasure to study in a college which has such an inspirational alumni!
    Being phenomenal with his professional life,he set a perfect example for the coming generation !
    Kudos to the author and the entire team of mbm stories for enlightening such a motivational story in front of us !!

  3. It is very pleasant to see that the alumni of our college are representing India in International institutions.
    It encourages youngsters like me.
    My heartfelt gratitude to the team of MBM Stories for taking this motivational journey of Mr. Sameer sir to us.
    Thank you

  4. That was a very inspirational blog.
    In such a distracted world, these are the stories that inspires us to keep working on our goals. We are very thankful to MBM stories and all the team members for presenting such great stories

  5. Such an inspiration….
    We had such great personalities from our college we should proud on them ….
    Thanks for..this..hard work…my college friends….

  6. Great to read Sameer boss is reaching new heights. I passed out mining in 1991 used to sing Hemant kumar songs in college festivals. I remember him with mouth organ and guitar. What a memorable time it was

  7. Highly impressive journey by an Alumni of our Allma Mater. It is inspiring as well.
    Proud of him.

    • Very Inspirational journey
      Sir ke lie – Jo vakt ko hara de use bajigar khte he or jo takdeer ko hara de use sikander ( Sameer sharma ) kahte he.
      Author ke lie – sach kahte he log jinki kalm me jor hota he vo apni takdir khud likhte he .

  8. Itโ€™s really a inspiring story and so many things we can learn from this great personality.
    Feeling proud to be a mbmmite & Part of great MBM alumini

  9. Historically MBM has been made such personality who reached heights on there own as well as faculties. Hopefully it will be happen again and again in future generations.
    Feels proud to be a part of MBM alumni

    • Story is inspirational and motivational I learn after feel authore realy great thinking .I feel after reading realy so many good story

  10. well written.. one who wants to live their dreams this is the gear time for all. Sameer sir as I always said. you rocks sir. Great personality. Sir your words as well as your success journey really has magical power, boosted me everytime. lots to learn from this journey. on the way to achieve my dreams. thank you for sharing this blog link. all the best to all. stay safe

  11. Great to see that our Alumni is supporting international community as SME and making us proud.
    Thanks to Khushi for sharing such an inspirational story.

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