Where there is a will, there is a way

Where there is a will, there is a way

” If you have the urge to do something you can achieve it with hard work and dedication any hurdles coming your way cannot stop you if you are focused “

    He was an average student in his schooling, coming from a modest family background he struggled a lot in his initial phase of life. He could barely able to learn something in his first semester of Engineering, which resulted into less grade. Things were not going the way, he had expected. Despite all the odds, with determination, dedication, perseverance, and patience, he achieved the goals he envisioned. The protagonist of this edition of MBM Stories is Er. Rahul Naredi, An alumnus of the 2019 batch (Electronics & Communications ), secured AIR 3 UPSC ESE 2020 and even AIR 216 in GATE 2020 and AIR 205, in GATE 2019.  


        Er. Rahul Naredi, Born on 15 Feb 1997 Ajeetgarh, a town in Sikar district, Rajasthan, did his schooling there itself. Coming from a very modest family with a father as a businessman and mother as a housewife, his childhood was more or less involved in sports and video games. At times he used to play computer games with his younger brother and used to play cricket as well. Studying was always his leisure activity, he loved to study even at the schooling age. Life was simple by then but who knew that he was going to face so many ups and downs during his journey from being an average student, who just scored 76% in his Senior Secondary, to securing AIR 3 and making each one of us proud.

Life at MBM :

       After  10th  boards  Rahul  took  Science,  like  every  other  Science  (PCM)  student,  he too  shared  the  ambition  of  getting  into  an  IIT,  but  there  was  no  fate  to  get  into  any  IITs or  NITs  and  ended  up  with MBM EC. It  was  a  tough  time  for  him  as  he  dealt  with  depression and  frustration,  He  started  his  college  life  reluctantly  and  could  not  able  to  concentrate on  his  studies  and  kept  himself  aloof  from  the  extracurricular  activities  of  the  campus. All  these  reasons  led  to  his  below  par  academic  performance  in  first  semester itself. But during this tough time His father continuously supported & showed faith in him, His father convinced to him that you will surely gonna do wonder in your life, its just a matter of time that you were facing these lows. “Also My father is a big reason that, today I could able to do something good in my life”, informs Er. Rahul .

And the same happened as his father predicted earlier,  clouds of darkness faded gradually,  he soon realized that  MBM  is his present now and decided to write up his own story and mold what was written in his fate. Being in the  Electronics  &  Communications branch,  Er.  Rahul would have carved his skills for  Multi-National  Companies and would have done a  commendable job in the private sector but he saw his forthcoming future in the government sector and he chose to dedicate his potential in the preparations of the Government Examination.

Envisioning Career :

      “Probably I was the first person from my family to choose science math stream and pursuing Engineering as a career. So earlier in my family, everyone followed the same trend which was taking commerce as a subject and started looking towards business perspective or opting CA as a career opportunity, so it was quite difficult for me to get proper guidance about my career perspective. ” Informs Er. Naredi. It was the guidance and motivation of his college seniors, which ignited the true potential of Er. Rahul and his life took a paradigm shift from 3 rd year onwards. By then, he started loving technical books and reached the conclusion that GATE and Engineering Services will give him the right kind of opportunity and technical diversity.

Er.Rahul was highly influenced by his senior Er. Dheeraj Goyal, an Iconic figure amongst the student community, himself cleared the Engineering Services Examinations in 2015 with an all-India ranking of 58 in Civil Engineering. Er Goyal played a crucial role in directing him on the path for the preparations of ESE. “Dheeraj boss suggested I change my branch from ECE to Civil, but unfortunately due to less percentage in the First Semester, I could not able to change my branch and in all that mental fuss I even missed my 3rd-semester classes which caused a lot of trouble in further classes. However, my seniors motivated me not to lose hope.” Informs Er. Rahul

Preparations and schedule:

The college timing was 8 am to 2 pm, so till the 4th semester after 2 pm he used to take an afternoon break, study for about 1-2hr ( from NPTEL lecture and newspapers). To freshen up himself, he used to play cricket with his PG mates for about 1 hr to 1:30 hr and then again at night he used to watch NPTEL lecture and along with that, he used to do his college work. To boost up his preparation he joined coaching in the 5th semester (timing 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm) being engaged in studies he barely used to get time to volunteer in extracurricular activities of the college. After the 8th semester, he went to Delhi for further preparation and focused on ESE 2020.  

Moon moments of Success :

Words might fall short to describe his achievements, at a very young age he achieved a lot and we wish he continues this journey of fulfilling his dreams. During the preparation, he attended NPTEL courses starting from very low scores but with his consistent hard work, he even ranked among the top 2%. In 2019, he cleared GATE and secured AIR 205 and secured AIR -216.  in GATE 2020. Amid these two dreadful years (2020 & 2021) which were marred by pandemic, he joined IIT Bombay in Aug 2020 for Specialization in Communication and Signal Processing and also got selected in the Airport Authority of India (AAI) in 2021 (Posting is still awaited). 

There were many ups and downs in his journey, railway vacancy got withdrawal after ESE PRELIMS exams  (which was the top priority of aspirants) and because of COVID-19, MAINS got postponed again and again, which delayed the further process, but a believer of the ideology that ” Sometimes the hurdles aren’t really hurdled at all. They’re welcome challenges, tests.” he continued his studies conscientiously and thus accomplished his dream and secured AIR 3. “It was all possible because of the support of my family and especially my father, younger brother and Dheeraj Goyal Boss, Suneel Kumar Tiwari sir(Made easy faculty) and my friends (especially Shivangi, Sumer, and Nishant) who kept me motivated throughout”. Say Er. Rahul enthusiastically.

MBM Memories:

“The best time I have spent at MBM was spending time with Dheeraj boss and my roommate  Ashish Soni, I still remember that sometimes we used to play cricket at night around 12 am, after studying. Other than that, birthday parties of friends were also a unique memory as we used to do a lot of activity on that particular day. Those old days I still cherish the most, and all the memories of college are very close to my heart whether it be the study part or the fun moments with friends”.  

Tips for Young Minds:

Awareness and guidance have always been precious assets. It helps an individual to utilize their power and sources optimally to achieve outstanding results. Er. Rahul Naredi has always been keen to offer his guidance to the aspirants in all aspects. He has even shared few links to the study materials he used and would cherish to help them by all means. Few NPTEL courses and some Coaching Material proved to be very effective throughout his preparation: Some comprehensive course and Study Material for the ECE branch are as below

Basic electronics by Prof. DC Dube from IIT Delhi:             http://www.nptelvideos.in/2012/12/electronics.html?m=1  

Basic electronics NPTEL certification by Prof. M.B. Patil from IIT Bombay:             https://nptel.ac.in/noc/courses/noc18/SEM1/noc18-ee10/  

Control System Engineering by Prof. Ramkrishna Pasumarthy from IIT Madras https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39Ggoj2fQ2c&list=PLxn52v8fxX5l5tGzU1NA xRDkgqxK0k5UZ&index=2

Principles of Signals and Systems – Prof. Aditya K. Jagannatham from IIT Kanpur https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrVWB9VYZ64&list=PLqGm0yRYwTjwxaqapPsSAHzs4_nkQLVr

Principles Of Communication Systems – Part 1& Part-2 by Prof. Aditya K.

Jagannatham from IIT Kanpur

Part-1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3slBe2r8vA&list=PLq


Part-2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyWdYkx0PmI&list=PLqGm0yRYwTjdesS06WhESHJCVcJz6ibO

Electrical Circuit Theory By Prof. S.C.Dutta Roy from IIT Delhi           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eknlx7zHBVo&list=PL1D46B10238154408

Standard Book List for ESE & GATE https://www.madeeasy.in/cpage.aspx?mpgid=116&pgidtrail=116

I also followed Made easy and ACE academy Study Material for Gate and ESE Exam.

It is advisable for ECE/EE/IN students to solve the Previous year of Gate of all these Branches (EE/ECE/IN), for Common Subjects.

It is advisable to join at least two test series and interview guidance for ESE at their respective stage.

I really believe that one can do really good in ECE stream if he/she has very good command on network theory and Basic Electronics” 


“कौन कहता है कि आसमां में सुराख नहीं हो सकता, एक पत्थर तो तबीयत से उछालो यारों…” As getting into the Engineering Services is one of the dreams for every Engineer, it is a 3- Tier examination so demands hardwork, patience and perseverance . For All the future aspirants, I would like to suggest that never give up on your dreams. Always remember that failure is the best motivation”. As wisely said ” Consistency and Persistence is the key for success” and “The man who wins is the man who thinks he can!”

Such is an inspirational story of Er. Rahul Naredi, We wish him a happy and blissful life.

About Author :

Karishma Sharma , a 1st year student of M.B.M. engineering college, is currently pursuing B.E. in Information Technology  branch. She is a curious learner in both the technical such as ‘C’ programming ,web development etc. and non technical stuff like Dancing , swimming, painting and has certainly developed her interest in reading and writing.

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    Amazing profile by team MBMStories.

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  4. First of all great work by author Karishma Sharma. I feel very enthusiastic after reading the story of Er. Rahul Naredi . It shown how his family members, mbm boss, and friends help him throughout the journey of his success. It’s our choice what surrounding we want. I want to say that success is not an end point but it’s an beautiful journey regardless of having fear of failures.

  5. First of all I want to appreciate to Author Karishma Sharma.I feel very enthusiastic after reading the story of Er. Rahul Naredi. It shows how his family members, mbm boss and friends encouraged him. It depends on us what surrounding we want. I want to say that success is not an end point but it’s a beautiful journey regardless of having fear of failures.

  6. There are many ups and downs in life, but we have to bounce back every time and we can start from anywhere🔥🤞🏻This is what the story of Engineer Rahul has taught me or rather, all the stories of MBM Stories have taught me the same🤩🔥

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