Er. Anand Sharma – Demolition is his Profession

Er. Anand Sharma – Demolition is his Profession

Place : Kochi Date Jan 12,2020 Time 11.03 AM

A large number of people had parched themselves on the top of the houses and building at various vantage points to witness something unusual . An illegal building named ,Alpha Serene Towers , having height of 55 meters was to be demolished as it was built against the violations of Enviornment laws. A team of Mining Engineers was working tirelessly since morning. In a precice sequence over 350 Kg of explosives were filled in the structure. In the vicinity of 200 meters around the building, movement of people and vehicle was stopped. After the third warning siren, trigger was pressed and with the effect of controlled blasting, concrete colossus came crumbling down in seconds, triggering mammoth ” clouds” of dust. In just 6 seconds, the towering building became mounds of debris. The man behind this precise demolition for the first time in India, was 1993 Mining graduate from MBM Engineering College, Er. Anand Sharma. He created history by levelling 105 meters high cooling tower with implosion method at Panipat Thermal Power Plant. Moreover this evocative personality epitome the phrase ” records are made to be broken” by setting exceptional record of demolishing 118 meters high cooling towers at Gandhinagar. An established name in Implosion, Er. Sharma used controlled blasting techniques and has so far demolished 15 high rise structures of more than 100 meters. Er. Sharma an epitome of grit, determination, perseverance, hard work and discipline, achieved phenomenon success in his professional career and gave entire new dimension to the Implosion and blasting techniques in India.


 As rightly said, “no matter where you belong to, the spirit , the mindset you endorse is important”. Er. Anand Sharma was Born in small village Dumariya of Bharatpur district ,Rajasthan . Sincere from the very beginning,he completed his primary schooling in the native village and then went to Naga Tulu (nearby village ) for further schooling. Bright and focused  learner from his school days, Anand was determined to do something unique and special in his life.


Lack of guidance may be the impediment for once but explicating it, is what makes a difference. Initial higher education days weren’t that much promising for him . Due to information gap and lack of proper guidance , he first joined B.Sc in 1984 but dropped it  in 2nd year. He then set out for diploma at CTAE Udaipur ,and then proceeded for B.E in Mining Engineering at MBM Engineering college, Jodhpur. “All this made me realise  that life isn’t easy-going and I have to work more hard to catch my co-mates” added Er. Anand.  Overcoming all adversities  and being persistent with his studies , he  secured overall 6th position in his batch and completed BE ( Mining ) in the year 1993.

BE – Mining 1993 batch group photo


After completing his Mining Engineering in 1993 and got placed in College Campus in an explosive company. He loved his work  and never shied of working on even small projects. He served himself as Sr Manager  in Rajasthan Explosives and Chemicals Ltd , Dholpur  and Dy Manager at Bharat Explosives Ltd ,New Delhi.  Working on many small and meaningful projects gave him plenty of experience about the Mining and explosive Industry. His professionalism and ambitious attitude made him General Manager at Special Blast Ltd, Nagpur in 2002.  

Every bit counts !!

In the year 2003 , he decided to start something of his own , something unique. It wasn’t that facile to think and implement on it at the first stroke.  Starting from zero level without any financial support was the biggest challenge .“City address became a major concern as no one was willing to finance even small amount , which would help me to get a kick-start in the project “said Er. Sharma . Lots of Government department issues and unsettled payment from contractors merely worsened his apparently smooth journey. But embracing each challenge in his life as an opportunity for self-transformation helped him to start what he dreamt of, his own company aptly named EXIQUDE (Ex-Explosive , Qu- Quarrying , De-Demolition) .He started his journey by getting into small contracting projects of national highways and blasting from all across the India. For the first time in India 92m high chimney was demolished by an Indian without any foreign expert , which was small contribution of Er. Anand Sharma to “Make in India” campaign.He also developed a technique to demolish huge buildings within seconds. His resume is full of great achievements of demolition and blasting . Serene Twin towers Kochi, Cooling Towers, Pre Heaters demolition at ACC Chanda, Demolition of Cooling Towers at Panipat refinery, Structural demolition of ULTRATECH, control blasting for Nagarjuna Construction company were some projects that were successfully completed by Er. Sharma . He made success his habit and left no stone unturned to achieve more. In January 2020 ,he received a letter of appreciation from the government of India for his work of demolishing 17 storied building with such a great precision and proximity.

Media Coverage

At present he has been working on a consultancy assignment of AFCONS for Bangalore Metro and at Diu and Chhara Port.

Indian Express
Demolition of Cooling Towers of Panipat Refinery
Demolition of Pre-Heaters at ACC Chanda
Sketch made by Vidhi Sharma MBM First Year Student

Tryst with Marathons at the age of 50:

Age doesn’t matter , an open mind does . Considering Fitness and Health his priorities, he started taking parts in marathons at the age of 50 and today can finish 21 km marathon in less than 2 hours . Continuing with achievements, he completed the Tata Mumbai full marathon of 42 kms, which is the largest marathon in Asia. ” I got lot of injuries in my initial days of running but didn’t stopped and never gave up. I kept on practicing and to my surprise my stamina started increasing gradually and I could able to half Marathons in less than 2 hours” informs Er. Sharma.This individual is someone who never disappoints himself.

MBM Days :

“I was not involved much in college activities but was close to many friends . Shiv Prasad , Rajendra Goyal , Naval Kishor were my besties and used to spent maximum time with them ” recalls Er. Anand. Though I respected all the teachers but was more connected to Prof. R. Bhadada, Prof. D.M. Surana, Prof. S.K. Parihar who helped shaping my career in Mining Industry.

Er. Sharma with his friends

Family Man :

Based in Jaipur, Er. Sharma is a grounded and down to earth person who is still very much connected to his rural roots. “I am very much connected to village and contribute to children’s education, school buildings and other infrastructures” quips Er. Sharma. His wife Ms. Sudhanshu ( She happens to be sister of 1994 MBM alumnus Er.Himanshu Vashishth )is Chemistry teacher in Government school. Elder son Anshul graduated from BITS, Pilani and helping him in back office work while daughter Anjali completed B.Tech from LNMIIT, Jaipur and working at Samsung ( R & D Division), Noida.

Family picture during silver jubilee reunion

Giving back to alma mater :

Er. Sharma is always ready for doing things for the betterment of MBM Engineering College. He has been in touch with many college professors for arranging , organising and participating  in seminars related to Mining Industry. He has also been providing financial support to many needy students. He has been mentoring and counselling the students for job and career progression .He is very much active on social media platforms and participating in events and seminars of college.

This is such an inspirational story of Er. Anand Sharma. We wish him great success and happiness in life.

About Author:

 Author Er. Vidhi Sharma is currently pursuing BE Degree in Information Technology (First Year) from MBM Engineering college, Jodhpur . She has a keen interest in sketching  and love to write ,travel and explore new things .

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  1. To be honest, this is story is so inspiring and adventurous, my respect to Anand boss, also a big appreciation to author for compiling such a nice story.

  2. very inspiring and motivational story, kudos to the author for presenting it in such an amazing way.👏👏

  3. I sincerely congratulate you and appreciate your perseverance, hard work, dedication, honesty & commitment in your success, because these ingredients are necessary to stir and agitate success to come up. I also hope that you will continue with all good and inspirational deeds in future too. I am pleased to have you in my lovely friends. Keep it up, DEAR SKY IS YOUR LIMIT.
    समर में घाव खाता है, उसी का मान होता है।
    छिपा उस वेदना में, अमर बलिदान होता है।।
    सृजन में चोट खाता है, छैनी और हथोड़ी का।
    वही पाषाण मंदिर में, कहीं भगवान होता है।।
    इसलिए, कोई भी लक्ष्य बड़ा नहीं,जीता वही जो डरा नहीं।।

  4. Congrats to dear Anand. The organizers of MBM Stories has rightly chosen you as the subject of this story. I met you at Jaipur during 2009 – 2012 and knew you as one of the sincere Mining Engineers. Since then I have been following your special deeds in blasting field and your marathon runs. You are really an inspiration to all young Engineers of MBM as well as others.

    Wish you all the best in your future endeavors also.

    Congrats to dear Vidhi for compiling this story very well. Wish you also all the best in your academic & professional career.

    Editorial team – congrats for giving one more MBM story which will encourage new generation to explore entrepreneurship as one of the choices in their career.

  5. Er. Anand Sharma has found a niche in a relatively less chartered territory despite all odds. His accomplishments speak volume of his never- say- die attitude. Though coming from a very humble back ground, his conviction, focus and perseverance has won him laurels. It is a an inspiring story again proving – sky’s the limit for any one pursuing his passion. We are proud of you Anand Boss.
    Kudos to Er. Vidhi for taking us into Er. Anand’s world lucidly albeit briefly.

  6. I am a 1986 graduate and working in USA for past 22 years. I know Anand since 1989 when he was my student in Udaipur college of Engineering. Since then I recognized his enterpreunership etch. I even proposed him to come to USA and do his demolition business, however he declined the proposal and continued his buisness in India. He mastered the skill of control blasting which is a scarce skill in world. I encourage the author to expand her writing skill to puplish a book on case studies of Anand’s successful demolition project.

    • Thank u sir , being part of the journey as true friend cum inspiring teacher , tough your offer to come work in US was very good in 1996 it was dream to work in US , but I wanted to work here only , now I will look for opportunities overseas if any

  7. Thanks, Vidhi, for narrating a motivational story.
    Anand Boss, kudos to your perseverance and best of luck!

  8. Great job,
    His story once again prove hard work and self confidence is the key to the way of success.
    Best of luck for future endeavors.

    Good compilation bye the author.

  9. Thankyou soo much sir your motivation and inspiration will help us a lot to realize the reality and get lots of success in life….
    Also the author is so wonderful, I can’t stop being happy for you!!!

  10. Anand, you are handling an exceptional job precisely. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

  11. The great personality in all dimensions, friendly, social and master blaster with absolute perfection. Real demolition expert, a great runner. My best wishes for you always. I also appreciate the work of Ms Vidihi who has nicely conceptualized the story of our beloved Anand bhai.

  12. One of the best professional is Mr Anand sharma ji i have ever come across my life. We wish him for the future further success in his career.

  13. Struggle and consistent fight are the two prominent characters in Anand’s nature. His story depicts real clashes with adversities in his life. Congratulations and best wishes Anand to demolish whatever comes in path towrds better civilisation. Congratulations to Vidhi for her excellent writing and narration skills. Best wishes..

  14. बहुत ही उतकृष्ट कार्य। आगे के लिए शुभकामनाएं

  15. भाई आनंद शर्मा जी जो मेरे क्लास mate रहे हैं क्लास में ये सबसे होशियार विद्यार्थी थे।इनका स्वभाव बहुत ही सरल था।मुझे आपकी प्रगति को लेकर काफी उत्साह हो रहा है और गौरव भी महसूस कर रहा हूं कि मेरा साथी विकास की ऊंचाई पर इसी प्रकार बढ़ता रहे।। बधाई।

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