Er. Tushar Mangal : Winning against all the odds

Er. Tushar Mangal : Winning against all the odds

If you think the road to success for most successful people was easy, think again. They experienced their share of failures and they went through obstacles and uncertainties, too. But with a relentless spirit and boldness to dream, they went forward in life. And when they did, they went as far as their dreams allowed them to go. Achievements and successes that bring eminence do not come in a single leap but there are those hundreds of restless nights spent in the quest for that one day that would probably heal everything off.

Born with the ability to pursue his dreams, this MBM Civil graduate aspires to contribute to the nation’s development. A man of determination, consistency, and faith. His sheer will power to achieve his dreams stays no less than the Arjuna’s for the bird’s eye. Against all the odds, he achieved what he aimed for. This story is about Er. Tushar Mangal, 2019 batch alumnus who got 55 th rank in prestigious Indian Engineering Services. Failures may break you apart making you go bitter, but Er. Tushar’s memoir teaches us very well how these rugged and scratchy paths with failures at every point leads us to the most beautiful places of the world. Rough days and jaggy nights full of hard work and yet when results being unsatisfactory, makes you introspect deep down. He had many barriers to deal with but he lived up to everyone’s expectations and cleared all the hurdles with grace. They do it well when they say Hard works pay off and this time we have proof. 

From Childhood to Schooling :

Er. Tushar Mangal was born in the Baran district of Rajasthan to a joint-middle-class business family, where he spent most of his childhood playing with his cousins and studying. “I was an average student in class and always tried to get good grades, but I never succeeded,” Er. Tushar explains. He attended Kendriya Vidhyalaya for his education.

Path to Jodhpur :

“In 2011, I experienced a life-changing event when my family relocated to Jodhpur due to financial difficulties. Tushar says, “My father got a job as a supervisor in a steel factory in Jodhpur.” He was not admitted to any CBSE school because CBSE schools generally do not accept admissions in class 10. So he applied for a transfer and was assigned to Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1, which was 12 kilometres away from his home. “Because of financial constraints, I used to travel 12 kilometres to school on bicycle, and in the scorching heat and cold waves of Jodhpur, attending school was a tough task for me.  My parents were always concerned because of the long distance, but as KV had lower school fees than other CBSE schools, so I decided not to discuss my problems with my parents and continued my education at KV until Senior Secondary,” Er. Tushar explains.

Er. Tushar decided to change his future and studied hard, earning a 9 CGPA in class 10, which boosted his confidence. He then began to prepare for the IIT-JEE. 

Journey to MBM :

Er. Tushar landed at MBM CIVIL after the failure with JEE. He was disheartened by his failure, but he never gave up hope. He overcame his emotions and concentrated all of his efforts on academics, . “I was always passionate about civil engineering, I loved all the subjects and I really enjoyed studying them, my first priority was  studying and I got 2nd rank in the third semester and 1st rank in the fourth semester,” Er. Tushar explains.

“With my hard work, I felt confident about my studies and learning new technical skills, but I was also concerned about my career; I wanted to work in nation development and Civil engineering, and Prof. Dr. A. N. Modi paved the way for me to take the Indian Engineering Services (IES) exams. I made my decision right away to appear for the Engineering Services. In May 2017, I began my preparation and dedicated almost all of my time for my studies,” Er. Tushar added. To achieve his objectives, he spent most of his time in the library and at college.

With Prof. A.N. Modi

Memorable Moments of MBM:

Er. Tushar  hadn’t participated in many extracurricular activities in college as his objective was to achieve his goal of clearing Engineering Services exams. He did, however, manage to fill his box of college memories. He had his memorable moments at MBM.  “Birthday parties with friends, Sanrakshak Event, which he organized himself, Photoshoots and Farewell ceremonies, Project tour of Udaipur under the guidance of Prof. Dr. S.K.Singh, Classes of Prof. Dr. Archana Bohra” Playing and spending time with friends ” were the moments which I will cherish for rest of my life, recollects Er. Tushar.

Convocation Ceremony
Group Photo
With Friends

Passion towards ESE

Tushar’s college academics were impressive, but his true passion was to pass ESE, which necessitates test series and study material. He did not however want to be a burden to his parents, so he began to take tuition  classes to cover his expenses.He took both the ESE and GATE exams in 2019, and the results were quite disappointing for him. “It was a highly demotivating moment of my life, more than 2 years of effort, did not give me any results,” he said.During his difficult times, his friends VAISHALI BHATI, MOHIT TAK, and YOGESHWAR RANGA inspired him and encouraged him to pursue his dreams once more.

Family Support :

He devoted his entire time for the studies after graduating from college. He spent his entire day in the library, from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. To save his Tushar’s  time, his younger brother ( MAYANK MANGAL ) used to bring  lunch to the library. His parents Mr. Sunil  Kumar Mangal and  Mrs. Vandana Mangal always backed him up in every decision he made. His friends, seniors  Er. Vinod Bharodiya  and  Er.Mayank  Patidar and cousin sister Nikita Managal  were always there to help and support him.“I am grateful to God that I have such parents and a younger brother in my life; without their help, I would be unable to pass this exam. I am also grateful to my Tauji”. Tushar added, “They always keep motivating me and always stand by me for any support; even financial, so I felt free and could concentrate more on my studies.”

Er. Tushar with his parents and younger brother

In January 2020, he reappeared for the ESE PRE and GATE exams and received AIR 391 rank, but competition increased exponentially due to railway withdrawals, and became the first preference for aspirants. He was confronted with FAILURE once more for aspirants.

Covid Times :

“Lockdown began in March, but I was not affected because I was preoccupied with my preparations, however, as libraries were closed, I was unable to concentrate on my studies at home. To overcome this, I began studying for the mains exam at night. Exams were frequently postponed due to COVID-19, but I kept up with my work. In August 2020, I began my M. Tech. in Structural Engineering at IIT BOMBAY. The course work was extensive, and being introduced to a new subject increased my workload tenfold.” He informed us. Er.Tushar persevered and pulled through both of these studies despite all of this. He took the ESE mains exam in Oct. 2020 and began preparing for the interview. He appeared for the interview in March 2021, which he describes as a truly unforgettable experience.Finally, on April 12, 2021, he received an AIR 55 in the ESE Civil engineering examination.

In front of Iconic UPSC Gate

“My parents were overjoyed, and it was a joyous occasion for my entire family. Following that, I am now concentrating on my M. Tech from IIT Bombay.” He informs.

Success Mantra :

“Always concentrate on learning concepts before learning the pattern of questions on your exam from previous years. Use coaching materials for question practice and learning concepts, and take at least two coaching test series before your exam.I used the ACE and MADE EASY test series for GATE and the IES MASTER test series for ESE.NPTEL lectures were also useful for learning a variety of concepts. The previous year’s question papers were extremely useful in your preparation. Repeat at least two to three times. Don’t skip any subjects or topics; each and every one is critical.

“Try to learn concepts in your B. Tech or B.E seriously, and you will not need any coaching classes after that; a test series and an interview guidance programme of coaching classes will suffice. If you belong to the civil engineering branch ,take structural engineering, Fluid mechanics and Soil Engineering part are seriously high scoring.” He advises to the young IES aspirants. Er . Tushar achieved this success without joining any coaching classes.

Message To Youngsters :

Don’t be afraid of failure; instead, view it as an opportunity to learn and move forward. Don’t dwell on your flaws; instead, work to overcome them. In the preparation, another issue is “what other people think about you.” This is a major issue for young people, and I have a saying about it: “Ab apan he yahi soch lenge ke log kya sochenge toh log kya sochenge.”

“Try to learn concepts with interest; if you have studied (or done any work) with interest, you will be able to pass any exam with ease, and your knowledge level will always boost your confidence. Study should not be regarded as a burden; instead, it should be approached with enthusiasm. Don’t succumb to peer pressure from other aspirants. Work on your strengths; if you try with complete dedication and sincerity in your work, you will undoubtedly achieve your goal. Every student has will power, so keep motivating yourself and stay focused and you will succeed.”

 “When the going gets tough, only tough gets going” this adage fits very well with Er. Tushar. Despite of failures, he kept his self- belief and achieved success against all the odds. His success story will definitely give inspiration to all the young minds who are aspiring for the Engineering Services. Team MBM Stories wishes him a great career and future.

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Er. Divyanshu Panwar

Er. Divyanshu Panwar is currently pursuing BE in Building Construction & Technology. He is in IV th semester. He love playing Badminton, reading books and connecting with the like minded people.


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  1. Good work by author Er. Divyanshu Panwar(Boss). Congratulations to Er. Tushar Mangal for clearing ESE with 55th rank. I feel enthusiastic after seeing your consistency and determination even going through such failures. Hope we can learn something from such great seniors in civil branch.

    • Wow!!! Tushar boss congratulations AIR -55 ” *kisi bhi kam ko karne ke liye kam ko continue rakhna padta hai *🤩🤩

  2. Warmest congratulations on your selection in ESE – the field of engineering awaits your contributions and insights. I’m sure this marks the beginning of many proud and successful moments for you.

    • Congratulations Tushar..
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