Er. P.C. Dhariwal : Pioneer in Mining in the vicinity of Urban Areas

Er. P.C. Dhariwal : Pioneer in Mining in the vicinity of Urban Areas

Mining sector in India is plagued by several environmental and health and safety related problems. The extraction of minerals from nature often creates imbalances, which adversely affect the environment. Mineral extractions become more difficult and challenging, when a mine is near to a populated area and safety of the people becomes more important than other factors. Noise level, vibrations, air blast have to be kept in control so that mining doesn’t pose any threat to safety of the people. It should be environmentally friendly to people residing in nearby area. Pioneer and established player in cement Industry JK Group at their Nimbahera( Rajasthan ) plant were facing a predicament situation. The main limestone mines were located in close proximity to a village, on one side it was a state highway and on the other side busy railway line was passing. It was an onerous task extracting the ore from this mines. Leadership team of JK group zeroed on a young and energetic Mining Engineer Mr. Padam Chand Dhariwal to carry out this task and it was no surprise that Er. Dhariwal came out with flying colors and justified the confidence of his seniors. Er. Dhariwal , an MBM Engineering College alumnus of 1968 Mining batch not only carried out safe mining, keeping in mind the safety of the people and public property but also achieved such great heights in his career that he received coveted Simminds award for the year 2008-2009 for the meritorious services rendered to limestone Industries of India. He was such a wonderful asset to the organization that he got 4 extensions in his service after due retirement. The self belief, hard work, dedication and discipline are the virtues, which can easily be attributed to the towering personality like Er. P.C. Dhariwal.

Early life and Schooling :

Born on March 11,1946, Er. Padam Chand completed his schooling from Sardar Higher Secondary School, Jodhpur in the year 1963. Belonging to a middle class family in Mahamandir area of Jodhpur, his father Shri Dhokal Chandji Dhariwal was a partner in a medical shop and later owner in a firm which used to deal in manufacturing ayurvedic medicines from the living house. The products of the firm Mahaveer Oil, an antiseptic oil was approved by Government of Rajasthan for veterinary purposes. Since Childhood ,Padam Chand was sincere and talented and used to help his father in manufacturing and packing of medicines along with his brothers. His father was well aware about the importance of education in the life and decided to impart right kind of education to all his 4 sons and 2 daughters. Having an Engineering College in Jodhpur was an added advantage and it was no mean achievement that in the decade of sixties all his 4 sons became Engineers. Eldest son Shri Hukam Chand, completed his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 1960. His Second son Dr. Hosiar Chand Dhariwal completed BE in Mechanical Engineering in 1963 from MBM Engineering College and then M.Tech. and PhD from IIT, Mumbai, third son Shri P.C. Dhariwal completed his BE in Mining in the year 1968 and then youngest son Shri Dalpat Chand Dhariwal completed his BE in Electrical as a Gold Medalist in the year 1969. Moreover his Son In law Shri Prithvi Raj Mehta who alo got admission in the year 1963 in MBM Engineering College, and later moved to Regional Engineering College, Jaipur. His grandson Shri Rishi Dhariwal who is also MBM Engineering College Alumnus of 1992 Batch is presently Country Head, Branch Banking at AU Small Finance Bank. This is simply unbelievable that so many members of one family have been keeping the flag high for their alma mater.

professional journey :

Er. P.C. Dhariwal , after his Mining Engineering in 1968 did his Post Graduate practical training at Hindustan Copper Limited and Hindustan Zinc Limited. In 1970 he joined Birla Cement Works, Chittorgarh as Assistant Mines Manager and spent 18 years in various roles and responsibilities. In February 1988, Er. Dhariwal joined J.K. Cement Works, as Chief Mines Manager for their group of mines at Nimbahera Dist. Chittorgarh.

Mining near Urban area : real challange

JK Group had 4 number of captive limestone mines within the radius of 10-12 kms in Nimbahera. “The main mine , Nimbahera Limestone Mine was located just adjacent to main Plant , while on its western side State Highway, On the Eastern side Chittorgarh- Ratlam railway line and on its Northern side Village Ahirpura was located and It was a big challenge excavating the mineral as vibrations, air blast, noise and flying of fragmented rocks had to be minimal so as to have safe mining” says Er.Dhariwal. “After taking necessary permissions from DGMS for carrying deep hole blasting for approaching safety zones of State Highways, Railway tracks and Villages. We studied the existing blasting patterns and lot of brain storming was done to arrive at better solutions.” Er.Dhariwal and his team modified the blasting approach, by delayed blasting using millisecond delay detonators and subsequently to nonels ( Non Electrical) for bottom initiation as well as to provide delay in hole to hole and row to row blasting. Apart from this, other measures like orientation of Mining faces, restricting 2-3 rows of holes for blasting deck loading , use of Ammonium Nitrate with high detonating velocity of explosives , proper stemming in drill hole and proper sub drilling of drill holes considering the Dip and Strike of deposit. To keep the vibrations within permissible limits, studies were carried out by IDL Chemicals Limited, Hyderabad in the year 1988 and later on by MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur and as per their studies, they calculated, charge per delay with respect to the distance between blasting sites and vulnerable locations. Accordingly every blast was planned and executed on the basis of their recommendations for charge per delay .This modified blasting pattern not only lowered the cost of Mining and crushing but also restricted vibrations and noise level to the safe limits and also restricted flying of fragmented rocks within the distance of 50 to 75 meters.

Main Limestone Mines
Welcoming CM Gehlot at JK Cement Works
Welcoming CM Vaundhara Raje at JK Cement Works

Gains to the organization :

The optimum blasting techniques led to safe working environment and also lowered the cost of Mining and Crushing. It also reduced the diesel consumption of excavators and power consumption of crushers and improved the availability of Mining System . The excavators life increased upto 40000 hours. Better fragmentation of the rock increased the crushing capacity from 700 Tons per hour to 1100 Tons per hour. The enhanced capacity of Excavators and Crushers enabled the management to reduce working from 3 shifts to 2 shifts per day. ” It is pertinent to mention that crusher installed for 1.5 MTPA clinkerization plant was being used for production of 2.4 MTPA clinkerization ” informs Er. Dhariwal.

Accolades and Achievements :

“The extent of your impact on the world depends on the size of your devotion to excellence.”

Robin Sharma

Keeping in mind Er. Dhariwal’s contribution in the growth of J.K. Cements, his services were extended 4 times for a period of 7 years and thereafter he retired as Senior Vice President (Mines) in the year 2013. He was retained as advisor  to the company and operated from Jodhpur till the year March 2018. He also received, coveted Simminds award for the year 2008-2009 for the meritorious services rendered to limestone Industries of India from Mining Engineers Association of India ( MEAI). The Udaipur chapter of MEAI, recognized him as “Outstanding Achiever ” in sincere appreciation of dedicated services to the Mining community by ” A certificate of Excellence in the year 2014 ” His research paper on Specialized Techniques to maintain better safety and productivity in limestone mines of JK Cements ” was published in the proceedings of the 10 th International Symposium on rock fragmentation by blasting, New Delhi, India in the year 2012.

Receiving Simminds Award from MEAI President R.P. Gupta


“Aspire greatly; anything less than a commitment to excellence becomes an acceptance of mediocrity.” 

Brian Tracy

The message to youngsters is loud and clear, never compromise on excellence, believe in yourselves always put dedicate and sincere efforts, don’t look for the short cuts. Recording of events, their study and analysis and corrective action taken at the right time can meet the objectives.

Mrs & Mr Dhariwal during MBM Alumni golden Jubilee celebrations at Jodhpur.

Giving back to alma mater :

Married to Smt Leela Dhariwal and blessed father of two daughters and a son Er. P.C. Dhariwal has been spending quality and contend life in Jodhpur. Son Rakesh Dhariwal is also a successful professional and working with Wonder Cements as Associate Vice President (Marketing) at Indore. Er. Dhariwal has been associated with various social and Non Profit organizations and doing lot of services for needy and under-privileged. His work for MBM Alumni association is also praise worthy as he is convener of Green & Clean Campus Committee, which is working for the cleanliness of MBM Campus. He has contributed for the girl’s hostel and other activities also. He has been committed for various activities for the betterment of college and campus.

Mrs & Mr. PC Dhariwal with Children and Grand Children

It is such a wonderful and inspirational journey of Er. Padam Chand Dhariwal, We wish him a happy, healthy and blissful life.  

About Author : Er. Khushbu Bijawat is pursuing B. Tech in computer science from MBM Engineering College Jodhpur. She is interested in Machine learning and graphic designing.

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  1. Er P C Dhariwal is one of the pioneers in mining in the urban areas . His contribution to the cement Industries of Rajasthan is highly appreciated

  2. Nice to see wonderful and amazing family back ground and feel proud that Shri P.C. Dhariwal is one of my college brother
    My good wishes to his great family and happy to see them
    Prataprai Daswani
    BE Civil 1968
    Now settled at Delhi
    I also studied up to 9 th standard at Sardar school Jodhpur and passed out higher secondary from Barnet Govt school
    I retired in nov 2006 from Airports Authority of India as General Manger in airport planning and design Dept
    I worked as airttrafgic controller for almost 7 urs at International Airport Kolkatta Nd Delhi

    • I am lucky to start carrier under his mentorship.
      Blasting and haul road importance in lime stone mining learned from him only.
      Greatly inspired and committed to take his.legacy further
      Best wishes to sir and God bless him.

  3. He is a great personality in mining sector and master of profession in mining & cement industry. He is very gentle, polite & helping nature gentle man.. Myself salute him for his
    constant devotion & dedication to mining industry still. Great regards.

  4. I got opportunity to work with Dhariwal ji, he have excellent vision and good guide to young mining engineers.
    A lot of patience and organised, good leadership professional personality .

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